A high-end brand of flooring offering all types of flooring including LVT, SPC, Laminate, Wood, Carpets, Carpet tiles, Vinyl.

Whether you’re a classic, into the trends, or have a unique dream of how your space should look, Lusso is here to see that your vision comes to life. With a curated range of flooring, Lusso brings you a selection of luxury and contemporary design that meets quality and affordability.






Logo Design

Where it came from

Contemporary, classic, and unique, all what LUSSO is and believes in. So, we went with a mix of all three for the logo. It’s sleek and simple, yet has just the right amount of twist to it to make you look a little closer; a little more curiously. Its clean lines and almost playful elements show that LUSSO has its finger on the pulse of its industry.

Pattern Design

The accompanying pattern design we came up with for LUSSO was inspired by the different flooring patterns. The design gives hints into what clients can expect from the keen eye of LUSSO’s experts. It was created from unified spaces and refined geometric shapes, depicting the brand’s steady precision and creativity.