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Powerpoint Template Design


A PowerPoint template is a silent and powerful engine that works in the background, making it easy for a business to create good looking and brand compliant slides in a timely manner. The template file includes a defined master slide, theme fonts, a custom color scheme and formatted slide layouts.


Your presentation could be your fist impression.
Whether a sales deck, company overview, or something else, your presentation could be the first thing your audience sees. If so, it will likely shape their view of your company or how you’ll do business with them down the road.
Our presentation experts can develop robust custom templates that are easy to use, integrating brand guidelines to create a consistent look across all your company presentations.

What’s covered:

  • Brands/Sub-brands: 1
  • Language: 1
  • Slides: Master slide + 6 slide layouts
  • Add-ons upon check out

What’s included:

  • Brainstorming session
  • Powerpoint template design

Work process:

  • Initial brainstorming meeting
  • Material and information handover
  • Powerpoint template design delivery
  • Client feedbacks (qty: 2)

Additional information


✓ Increase employees efficiency
✓ Gives a great first impression
✓ Builds a character for your brand through consistency
✓ Increase opportunities for new clients


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