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Graphic Design Training


Our graphic design training service updates your marketing team on the newest graphic design trends and practices. From basics to advanced tactics, we cover it all to make sure your team is proficient and thinks like a true graphic design professional.


We love training clients, often to the point that they no longer need an agency to do all the basic graphic design tasks that can easily fit in with their day-to-day routine.  Our training consists of transferring our technical knowledge to your brand and industry knowledge so that you can take forward your graphic design practices with confidence.

We do this using your website, social media accounts and Analytics account  to help you understand what’s most important for your business.  Each session is tailored around your marketing goals.

What’s covered:

  • Number of Trainees: 1
  • Training sessions: 4
  • Modules: ???, ???, ???, ???

What’s included:

  • Weekly up to 3hrs training sessions
  • 1 months post email and phone graphic design support

Additional information


✓ Improves proficiency of design department
✓ Bring your design up to date
✓ Improves brand image
✓ Improves results and ROI from marketing


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