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Marketing Campaign Handling


An effective campaign handling requires professional marketing experience to run and daily check-ups for improvements while utilising both online and offline marketing communications tools and digital media channels.


To execute marketing campaigns properly requires a steady hand, careful planning and constant evaluation of potential and existing marketing techniques to asses what works and what doesn’t.
Our marketing experts will integrate the channels picked for your marketing campaign following the strategy, budget, and objectives provided from your end.
What’s covered:
  • Channels/Platforms: 4
  • Location: Local
  • Activation Length: 1 month
  • Language: 1
  • Brands/Sub-Brands: 1
What’s included:
  • Brainstorming session
  • Ads recommendation document
  • Media planning and booking where relevant
  • Campaign execution with ads management
  • Campaign report
Work process:
  • Initial brainstorming meeting
  • Material and information handover
  •  Media plan, bookings and ads recommendation document
  • Campaign execution
  • Campaign reporting

Additional information


1 month


✓ An integrated message on all channels
✓ Improved campaign reach and visibility
✓ Improved campaign results and sales


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