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Marketing Campaign Strategy


A marketing campaign strategy document focuses on promoting a specific company goal such as launching a new product, getting customer feedback, boosting brand awareness, or promoting an event to get specific consumer actions.




Executing any marketing campaign without a plan is like heading out on a road trip without a map—it would be a miracle if you make it to your destination, and it’s guaranteed to cost you time and money along the way.

Our marketing campaign planning ensures that every part of the process is aligned to meet your business goals. It helps you deliver the right content to the right audience on the right platform, so you can achieve the right metrics for growth.

What’s covered:

  • Overall marketing practices and platforms chosen for this campaign by the client
  • Digital and traditional marketing
  • Location: Local
  • Strategy Length: 1 month

What’s included:

  • Brainstorming session
  • Marketing campaign objectives
  • Marketing campaign targeting
  • Marketing campaign messaging
  • Marketing campaign strategy
  • Marketing campaign timeline
  • Campaign’s communication channels
  • Marketing campaign recommended advertising budget

Work process:

  • Initial brainstorming meeting
  • Material handover
  • Strategy document delivery
  • Client feedbacks (qty: 2)

Additional information


✓ Helps you align your campaign goals to sales and marketing
✓ Set a clear path forward for your campaign with precise objectives to reach
✓ Helps you to spend wisely and actually profit from your campaign
✓ Boosts your brand awareness and positioning to uplift your image


1 month


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