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Social Media Ads Strategy


A social media ads strategy document is a summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve with social media ads. It guides your actions and lets you know whether you’re succeeding or failing in advertising objectives or reaching out to your digital community


Coming up with a winning strategy for social media ads involves a lot more than simple page boosts and basic targeting. There’s a lot of under the hood work involved, as well as technical and marketing proficiency. Things you’re probably short on time for, or just not sure how to tackle it best.

Fortunately it’s a service that we at Barb specialize in. Once we uncover what is important to your business, it’s our job to get into the nitty-gritty. Let us worry about the complexities for you.

What’s covered:

  • Platforms: Facebook and Instagram
  • Location: Local
  • Strategy Length: 3 months
  • Add-ons upon check-out

What’s included:

  • Brainstorming session
  • Social Media ads objectives
  • Social media ads targeting
  • Social Media ads strategies
  • Social media ads budgeting

Work process:

  • Initial brainstorming meeting
  • Material handover
  • Ads strategy document delivery
  • Client feedbacks (qty: 2)


Additional information


3 months


✓ Allows you to measure, report and improve
✓ Organizes the work meaning less efforts
✓ Ensures consistency


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