SMK 2022

Creating a Winning Brand for a Tennis Tournament

The 12th edition of the annual tournament of the UAE’s SMK Tennis Academy. Under the patronage of HH Sheikha Mariam Bint Mohammed Bin Zayed, at the palace of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan.

United Arab Emirates




A sport as enthralling as it is disciplining needed a proper depiction. Which is why for the SMK Tennis logo, we veered towards the three dynamic terrestrial elements: sky for its immeasurability, much like a pulsating ball bouncing on the court, full of endless possibilities, land for its invincibility, a tennis court beneath future champions’ feet and an anchor from which to launch, and sea for its unpredictability, like a net and its lines, a shape-shifting border standing between player and victory. We converged all three to stand as a symbol of the smooth, fluid motion of tennis.


Animation Work

For SMK’s video design, we visualized the idea of fluidity and motion, coupled with the lines and dots—the graphic symbols of the tennis court. For the main video, we animated a host of tennis balls, guiding us through to a representation of the elements—each a kaleidoscopic formation of tennis rackets—and migrating towards a trophy-like tennis ball. The crescendo of the video came with a long-exposure effect trajectory of several tennis balls traveling to spell the SMK logo.


Brand Image

Much like its logo, the SMK brand image relied on the idea of the terrestrial elements to relay what SMK thrives for, turning it into its slogan: Immeasurable, Invincible, Unpredictable. We allotted each adjective its own kaleidoscopic tennis racket formation, each reinforcing the subconscious image of motion.

As a color palette, we used Russian Violet, a bold navy blue, as the primary color, followed closely by white, with Bitter Lemon yellow, Flame red, and Majorelle blue accent colors added for nuance.

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