Merging the past and present with tastes

Ousul aims to merge the nutritional benefits of traditional ingredients with distinctive flavours that appeal to a new, more experimental generation through carefully handpicked organic products sourced from family-owned farms across the Mediterranean region.

United Arab Emirates




Ousul believes In the genuine, the authentic. We believe that every product that emerges under our name must have Its origins honored and respected. We uphold those same standards to ourselves as well, giving our consumers one of the best, most authentic brand on the market.


For Ousul, land is precious. Which is why maintaining the farmlands from which our products are sourced is of the utmost importance; we leave it better than we found it, preserving its integrity for generations to come.

We also apply sustainability unto ourselves and our quality, promising our consumers unwavering goodness In every one of our products.


At Ousul, we’re very attuned to the promises we make to our consumers. Which is why we make It a point to be as honest and as transparent with them as possible. From where our products come from to their authenticity and benefits, we are as organic with our consumers as the products themselves. And should we stumble along the way, we’re honest about that, too.


The idea behind Ousul came from culinary and farming traditions passed on through generations. Which is why it’s crucial that we honor those roots. Heritage is at the forefront of everything we do at Ousul, the essence imbued into every product, so it is only natural for us to celebrate it every step of the way.


Brand Concept


From the Arabic word “asel” comes its plural form “ousul”, meaning origins, or roots. Five lettered, representing the five siblings, Ousul pays homage to the lands from which crops are lovingly sown and reaped. It’s a short word that speaks volumes of the labors of love that sprout from the earth.

Brand Story

Ousul Is the brainchild of siblings A, B, C, D, and E, all with a love for their land and a belief that wholesome, organic, and well-sourced ingredients are quintessential in every kitchen.

It began with a trip to the supermarket, where one of the siblings, Fatma, noticed shelves upon shelves of agricultural products with beautiful packaging but mostly ambiguous farming origins. With a family history in the agricultural and food industry, Fatma decided to do something about it, and she, along with her brothers and sisters, set out to create a brand that would deliver honest, authentic products that were all ethically sourced.

Because of their devotion to their Algerian heritage, the siblings started gathering their products from the only places that made sense: farmlands across the Mediterranean region.

But the siblings wanted to make their products approachable for every contemporary kitchen, showcasing their diversity, versatility, and adaptability. Which is why every product comes in a rich, traditional selection, as well as an uplifted selection infused with new twists and playful flavors. That is how the essence of what Ousul is came to be: a celebration and passing on of traditions in the modern world.

At the heart of Ousul lies the idea that every product is crafted as a root ingredient from which to raise any good, healthy dish. Because just like the siblings who started it all, Ousul believes in high-quality, sustainable, all-natural products that are loved from harvest to home, and that nourish both body and soul with wholesome goodness.


At Ousul, traditions are important. But we believe that they were meant to be passed on, to find a new home in the modern world’s kitchen. We also believe that every one of those kitchens deserves to be filled with high-quality, organic ingredients, with products that are accessible to all.

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