SMK Tennis '23

As part of our continued partnership with H.H. Sheikha Shaikha bint Mohammed bin Khaled Al Nahyan, we were entrusted with the creation of the visual identity of the 2023 SMK Tennis Tournament.

The 2023 SMK Tennis Tournament became a canvas for us to express the essence of our client’s vision. We painstakingly crafted a concept that symbolizes all of the client’s ideals, breathing life into it with a vibrant color palette. This green, lush symphony of shapes and colors seamlessly transitioned across various mediums, harmonizing together as a gentle harmony of shapes and colors quietly etching the SMK Tennis Tournament into memory.


The building blocks themselves are simple, a tennis ball and racket. Yet, with a touch of motion, our designs unfolded into intricate patterns – six in total – each subtly radiating the unique essence of the tournament’s star players. These illustrations were not just artistic renditions but narratives that connected the players’ stories to the spirit of the tournament.


These overlapping patterns are at the core of this identity, and as such, they were the beating heart of our identity, pulsating through every nook and cranny of the project. From the elegance of the invitation cards to the tangible embodiment in the event space design, umpire and staff uniforms, and the captivating animations at the opening and closing ceremonies. Even in the digital realm, SMK’s identity shone bright, with static and animated social media content leaving an indelible mark.


Tackling this project was a journey that highlighted our team’s versatility and creativity in sports branding and digital content production. It challenged us to weave together various elements – art, technology, storytelling, and sponsor/partner integration – into a cohesive and engaging narrative.

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A bespoke identity, covering digital, print and experiential design. Our team created visuals specifically crafted to enhance key moments of the tournament, in a meticulous blend of art and technology.

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Event Design

Kenda Issa

Fashion Design

Elias Riga

Sound Design

Simon Souaid

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